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Call This Love Top: White

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Forget fresh-cut flowers,chocolates, cards with hearts, and gushy poems about feelings. I see this gorgeous top and then think about how it makes me feel when I wear it, and I Call This Love. Forget all that other nonsense. Romantic love comes and goes, but a heart for fashion never dies. Dedication to style and the art of putting together a visually pleasing array of clothing will never change. That will stand the test of time. So if you want to show me affection of any kind, get me clothes, and forgo the boxes of edible goods. But you might want to check with me first to be sure you’re not buying something I’ve already bought for myself. Top features faux button down, cold shoulder, and ruffled hem.

Model is 5'2" and is wearing a size small. 

100% Polyester
Hand wash cold. Do not bleach. 
Hang or line dry. Do not wring or twist.