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Don't Miss Your Chance Sweater: Black

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When there is a sweater that’s this alluring with all its cozy goodness and flattering awesomeness, you want to jump on the opportunity to own it yourself. Don’t Miss Your Chance! Blink and they’ll all be gone. Then you’ll be sad, bemoaning that time you could have had it in your clutches and you let it get away. So don’t. Grab it now and you’ll have loads of memories in your future to keep you happy and smiling. Features cuffed sleeves and slit sides.

Model is 5'4" and is wearing a size small/medium. 
Model measurements: 
Bust: 32 in.
Waist: 27 in.
Hips: 37 in.

65% Acrylic / 35% Nylon
Hand wash cold. Do not bleach.
Lay flat to dry.