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Must Be Seen Mesh Lace Kimono: Rose

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Usually it’s the bathing suit that you want to be the star of the show. Other times it's a cute piece to layer on top of your fave basics, but when you’ve got a kimono this beautiful, it simply Must Be Seen! Once you have it, you’ll start finding reasons to go everywhere and anywhere. Really, just any reason to put on this baby. It’s fabulous! And it’s every bit as wonderful as you are, so let it show honey, let it show! Features lace mesh and floral embroidery with waist drawstring. 

One Size

Model is 5'4".
Model measurements:  
Bust: 32 in. 
Waist: 27 in. 
Hips: 37 in.

70% Cotton / 30% Polyester
Hand wash cold. Water separately.
Color will bleed. No bleach. Hang to dry.