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Notice This Oversized Long Sleeve Top: Pink Dirty Dye

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So you didn't even notice me, huh? Well, Notice This! I just got a hold of the most striking top and I'm sure you won't have a hard time picking either me or my new found piece of fashion gold out of a crowd. We make quite the pair. It's not a spiteful gesture I'm making. I'm just showing you what you missed out on. And since we have been hanging out in the same crowd for like, forever, you've had every opportunity to 'notice' me before now. So don't come crawling to me after you do notice how fabulous I look once I doll myself up. Just saying. Top features dirty dye style, oversized with knit material



Model is 5'4" and is wearing a size small.

80% Rayon / 20% Polyester

Machine wash cold. Do not bleach.

Hang dry.