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PLUS: CELLO: Casual Commuter Skinny: Dark Denim

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Instead of being crammed shoulder to shoulder next to people you barely know, why not indulge in a Casual Commute, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll down streets filled with the delicious smells of bakeries and their early morning delights, coffee shops, and the lull of easy going banter between customers enjoying their breakfast, or picking up their orders for the office staff? Now, the Casual Commute might have to be purely hypothetical because the route to wherever you’re going likely can’t change. But at least when you’re wearing our Casual Commute Dark Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans, you can pretend to be on the nice and easy stroll. Hey, don’t laugh; it will lower your blood pressure at least a few times a month (depending on how often your wear this fabulous pair of skinnies). 

Model is 5'2" and is wearing a size 14.