New Year, New Us

Hello gorgeous!

We know that “new year, new me,” is a cheesy cliche, but it’s true! With the new year upon us, we’ve decided it’s time to REBRAND! 

We’ve launched a brand new website with the hopes of making your online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. You now have the option to “quick view” products, leave reviews, and so much more!

Along with our new website, we’ve created a new logo, and we’ll be updating all of our packaging, tags, and shopping bags! While we’ve gone for a more minimalistic approach, you’ll still catch glimpses of our signature stripes every now and then. 

But, our look isn’t the only thing that has changed! Our stores will now be working on an entirely new sales system! By switching, we are able to offer more perks, including the option to use gift cards in stores and online! With this comes a training period, so we ask that you please be patient with us and our staff as we transition to a new and improved system.

We hope that you are excited to continue on this journey with us, and please remember, while all these changes are being made, we remain dedicated to putting our customers first! YOU are at the center of everything we do here! 

So, here’s to 2022 and a fresh start! How do you plan to use it?

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  • Selena

    You see, this is why I love supporting small businesses – especially y’all 🤩 my entire closet is BR, and y’all always find a way to give perks to your customers through points!! <3

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